The DHAA Aged Care Chapter is established to develop a national approach to the practice of oral health care for older Australians. It promotes and seeks recognition for improving and supporting oral health in aged care and the provision of value-added, professional oral health services in Australia.

Members of the Aged Care Chapter will demonstrate competence in oral health care to older Australians with up to date and relevant professional knowledge including but not limited to:

  • Physiological changes in the oral cavity and associated systems with ageing
  • Behavioural changes and mental health of older people
  • Chronic diseases associated with ageing and their impact and association to oral health
  • Pharmacological updates for older people
  • Speech and nutrition for older people
  • Denture and implants maintenance and assessment
  • Commonwealth and State health services for older people and their referral pathways
  • Informed consent, privacy and relevant legislative requirements in aged care

Recommended pre-requisites for joining the chapter include:

  • Previous experience working with older patients or populations
  • Genuine interest and passion for this specialised field of dentistry
  • Ability to be flexible with working hours
  • Physically fit to perform treatments in non-conventional settings

Education program and initial assessment

The Aged Care Education Program is a combination of self-directed learning and online or face to face training and is exclusively available to our Aged Care Chapter Members. Chapter members who have successfully completed the DHAA's Aged Care Education Program and passed the assessment demonstrating their competence will be able to participate in future aged care initiatives facilitated by the DHAA. 

Aged Care Education Program

Chapter inclusions and benefits

The DHAA's Aged Care chapter provides tailored ongoing education and support for oral health practitioners working in the aged care sector. With aged care related CPD and business support to help you help our older community care for their teeth and oral health. 

Continuing Education

The Chapter encourages appropriate continuing education and as such requires its members to have undertaken aged care related CPD per year. The Chapter collaborates with the CPD committee and the national symposium committee to ensure the following are provided to chapter members in each financial year:

  • 4 hours of aged care webinars (free for all Chapter members)
  • 2 hours of aged care content at national symposium (normal symposium charges applicable)

Business development support

Recognising many DHAA members are clinicians and may have limited business skills. DHAA will support chapter members to establish viable operations in aged care by the following measures:

  • Provision of collaterals - sample contracts, communication templates, relevant business contact information
  • Business development and marketing training workshops
  • DHAA undertakes business development activities and negotiates for service agreements with corporate Aged Care providers on behalf of its members collectively.
  • As a peak body, DHAA also liaises with relevant research institutions and business partners in seeking research and /or project funds on oral health services in Aged Care.
  • DHAA will liaises with Aged Care facilities to assist in recruiting appropriate oral health practitioners for each RACF site.

DHAA’s strategic goal in residential aged care facilities

In 5 years (by 30 June 2026), 50% of Australian RACFs will have a DH/OHT servicing their residents, reaching out to 1360 RACFs and 106,700 residents.

In 10 years (by 30 June 2031), 80% of Australian RACFs will have a DH/OHT servicing their residents. That is 2180 RACFs and 170,700 residents.

Be part of our crusade to improve the oral health of older Australians join the Aged Care Chapter NOW!

How do I join?

You can join the DHAA's aged care chapter when you join or renew your DHAA membership.