Aged Care Chapter Education Program

The DHAA Aged Care Education Program is for members of the Aged Care Chapter to gain a comprehensive understanding and the skills to confidently treat our elderly population with specific information around treating those in  Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF). It will cover everything from patient management to specific challenges our elderly face in RACF as well as give you an understanding of the health services available, referral pathways and business skills to start working in aged care as an oral health practitioner. 

Education Objective

To support members in demonstrating competence in oral health care to older Australians with up to date and relevant professional knowledge including but not limited to:

  • Physiological changes in the oral cavity and associated systems with ageing
  • Behavioural changes and mental health of older people
  • Chronic diseases associated with ageing and their impact and association to oral health
  • Pharmacological updates for older people
  • Speech and nutrition for older people
  • Denture maintenance and assessment
  • Commonwealth and State health services for older people and their referral pathways
  • Informed consent, privacy and relevant legislative requirements in aged care

Delivery method

The program will be delivered by a combination of on-demand, self-directed learning online modules and interactive live online workshops.

The program is design to suit practitioners who are working and as such, provides a high level of flexibility mainly through pre-recorded webinars and self-directed learning activities that can be completed anytime.

Program Study Commitment
It is recommended that participants attempt to study for one module per fortnight, thus allowing for four months to complete the initial program. However the program is designed for busy practitioners that can pace themselves based on their work and domestic time commitment with a high level of flexibility over a 12 month period.


Recommended 2021 program schedule

Program registration open: July 2021
Education activities commenced: July 2021
Recommended study schedule: 2 weeks per module

To encourage uptake and eager adoption, the following discount fee will apply for members registering for the 1st intake by 30 June 2023:

 First intake from 1 July 2021 $750 
 Subsequent intakes  $1500



A certificate of attainment will be issued on completion of the education program and assessments, as well as settlement of all payments.