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Aged Care Article

Dr. Kalache has an inspirational message to improve life for the ageing population and discusses the need for us to prepare better for this in the middle age, rather than when it is too late.


He wrote a report while he was here in Adelaide called the Longevity Revolution. To read his report click here


Calls for regional dental care boost - ABC North Coast NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A campaign is being launched today to highlight the long waiting lists for dental care in regional areas: Click Here


Dental care 'disgrace' back under the spotlight - ABC News, 1st May 2012

Ahead of the federal budget, a growing number of voices are joining calls for the Government to do something about Australia's Oral Health: Click Here


Calls for regional dental care boost - ABC News, 1st May 2012

A consumer health group is urging the Federal government to address the crisis in dental care in regions such as the Hunter, by allowing dental hygienists a greater scope for practice: Click Here